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Male-HQ brings you some of the most unique underwear brands in the world in styles and designs that complement the lifestyle of the modern man.  

  • TOOT underwear and swimwear are 100% made in Japan featuring path-breaking designs, innovative use of fabric blends, and utmost workmanship. Male-HQ imports directly from TOOT in Tokyo. When you shop TOOT at Male-HQ, you are assured of purchasing a 100% made in Japan genuine original.
  • GX3 is a leading Japanese underwear and swimwear brand from Tokyo and now it's available at Male-HQ for all our customers.
  • C-IN2 is designed by American Gregory Sovell in a purpose-built New York studio and exported around the world. Individual and modern, C-IN2 underwear incorporates the latest in fabric technology and contemporary design to meet even the most demanding needs of men the world over.
  • Andrew Christian is a pioneer in men's underwear and swimwear, creating many firsts, from anatomically correct pouches that ensure an optimum fit for a man's most vital asset to specially designed inner cups that enhance the wearer's manly contours.
  • Groovin' underwear and swimwear are Japanese-designed and inspired by the masculine form. Stocked by leading retailers from Selfridges in London and Birmingham to Seibu in Hong Kong to Isetan in Singapore, Groovin's unique design DNA and quality workmanship is winning fans around the world.
  • STUD's underwear, swimwear, and beachwear are for the modern man who celebrates his individuality and lives life to the fullest on his own terms.  
  • Very STUD is STUD's sports diffusion line of underwear, swimwear, and beachwear that celebrates the best of the modern athlete and expresses all that is sunny and sporty about him.
  • 2EROS is Australia's premier maker of underwear, swimwear, and beachwear.  2EROS draws its design inspiration from the best of the Australian lifestyle.
  • Timoteo was created by Timoteo Ocampo in 2001, Timoteo underwear embodies the fine balance between stylish sophistication and sunny sportiness of its Los Angeles home. Timoteo underwear emphasizes cutting-edge design, exceptional fit, and unparalleled quality. Male-HQ is proud to offer a specially curated collection of Timoteo underwear for our discerning customers.
  • Pistol Pete underwear is known for its bold designs, innovative styling, and quality workmanship that changes the script in men's undergear. From the metropolis of Los Angeles, every pair of Pistol Pete underwear is designed for the world, for the man of today who wants to push the limits, and for the discerning who insists that quality and bold designs must come together. Made in USA.
  • teamm8 is Australia's leading athletic menswear label specializing in underwear, swimwear, beachwear and activewear. Inspired by the gorgeous Australian continent, each teamm8 underwear, swimwear, beachwear and activewear is sporty, sunny, and immensely wearable. From the metropolis of Sydney to Male-HQ, we've curated a special collection of teamm8 apparel for the urban athlete.
  • TWO MUCH is the latest Korean men's lifestyle label to hit the world, and Male-HQ is proud to present a specially curated collection of TWO MUCH men's underwear, casuals, and accessories to our discerning customers. All TWO MUCH apparel are proudly made in Korea.
  • Alexander COBB is a contemporary Danish men's underwear and swimwear brand with a Japanese soul as evidenced by its iconic Japanese tattoo prints. Each Alexander COBB garment carries the signature of the Scandinavian designer who is known for his award-winning style and patterns. All the patterns are exclusive to his collection – so you will not find them anywhere else.
  • Get ‪Addicted‬ at Male-HQ. From sizzling ‎Spain‬ to sunny ‎Singapore‬, Addicted ‎underwear‬ & ‪‎swimwear‬ are now at Male-HQ where we ship to discerning gentlemen the world over.

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