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BRAD Biophotonic

Hailed by American Vogue as "L.A.'s Cultiest Skin Care Line," the science behind BRAD Biophotonic's exlusive line of skincare delivers its naturally pure ingredients deep into the skin and maintains the efficacy of the products without using harmful preservatives by:

  • Bio-fermentation: A process that transforms minerals and trace elements into rich nutrients that the skin can readily and rapidly absorb, creating softer, smoother, firmer, and more youthful skin almost instantly.  Bio-fermented ingredients are mixed together using nothing but oxygen.  This means that the ingredients not only resist oxidation and maintain their potency, but also penetrate the skin more deeply, in turn making them more effective.
  • Special density Miron Violet Glass: All BRAD Biophotonic skincare products are stylishly packaged in special density Miron Violet glass, which protect the ingredients by filtering out damaging light yet allowing the penetration of stimulating violet light.  
  • Distilling the essence of only the highest quality natural ingredients: BRAD Biophotonic's high-potency bio-fermented acids and nutrient-rich herbal treatments revive skin by stimulating communication between skin cells then activating collagen and elastin networks to repair damage, leaving skin renewed.  
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