C-IN2 Underwear - Screenshot Hustle Brief Tikii Boom

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The C-IN2 Screenshot underwear collection features unique motifs and prints that differ with each season to distinguish you from the rest. The C-IN2 Screenshot underwear collection has: 

  • Interesting prints and motifs for each season
  • Excellent moisture wicking capacity
  • Premium cotton that offers excellent support while showcasing the best of your physique

The C-IN2 Screenshot gets you ready for show time.


95% Cotton, 5% Spandex/Elastane/Lycra

About CIN-2

Founded in 2005 by American designer Gregory Sovell, C-IN2 is designed in a purpose-built New York studio and exported around the world. Today, C-IN2 is a world leader in men's underwear as well as casual and athletic wear. Individual and modern, C-IN2 underwear incorporates the latest in fabric technology and contemporary design to meet even the most demanding needs of men the world over.