Das Boom Industries Wash Kyoto (Yuzu, Shiso & Saffron)

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Das Boom Industries Kyoto Everything Wash is crisp, bright, and spicy. Kyoto blends Japanese yuzu and shiso leaf with saffron. Use this one-stop wash to scrub up everywhere from head to toe. It’s good clean fun.

Infused with:

  • Blue Green Algae
  • Rosmary Extract
  • Argan Oil


About Das Boom Industries
Made for men by men, Das Boom Industries is a men's grooming specialist from lifestyle capital Los Angeles, USA. With an emphasis on unique fragrances, you'll stop boys and girls in their tracks with evocative Das Boom signature scents such as Kyoto, Denali, West Indies, Detriot, and more. All Das Boom grooming products are made from the finest ingredients that keeps you looking great, smelling great, and feeling great. Das Boom Industries. Always industrious, never complacent. All products are proudly Made in America.
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