Sagami Japan Xtreme Feel Fit 15-Pack Latex Condoms

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Sagami Japan Xtreme Feel Fit Latex Condoms represent yet another innovation by Sagami. The shape is modeled base on the 3D structural shape of a penis and thus it gives you the most sensitive feeling and perfect fit. Made in the Atsugi factory of Sagami with over 70 years in history and located in Kanagawa-ken, Japan. The manufacturing standards abide by the "Made in Japan" label for highest possible product quality. Play away with ease in this premium latex condom.


  • Excellent thermal conductivity, transfers body heat instantly
  • Smooth surface, natural usage experience
  • Pink color
  • The head conforms with your crown to fit perfectly
  • Made in Japan


  • 32mm diameter
  • 102mm circumference
  • 51±2mm width
  • 195±10mm length


About Sagami

In 1998, Sagami surprised the world with the debut of Sagami Original - "non-latex condom" and forever changed the condom industry. Its PU material makes condoms thinner, stronger and free of latex smell. Male-HQ is pleased to bring you the world famous Sagami Japan Original 0.02 PU Condoms.