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Task Essential Lip Ace is an advanced, anti-aging lip treatment that delivers intense hydrating and reparative benefits. Task Essential Lip Ace is an innovative formula originally developed to heal and replenish dry, cracked, dehydated lips common with extreme, high-altitude Swiss Alpine skiers and atheletes. Task Essential Lip Ace enhances collagen production and boosts microcirculation, firming and plumping from the inside for naturally fuller lips. Lips are softer with fewer lines and wrinkles, recapturing a youthful, healthy appearance. Made in Switzerland.


  • Oxygen promotes collagen production for firmness and natural volume
  • Mustard sprout extract plumps for a fuller appearance
  • Vitamin B5 supports the lipid barrier to hold moisture
  • Shea butter, blended with oils of acacia, jojoba and sunflower, softens and hydrates lips
  • Apply on dry lips as often as desired

Key ingredients:

  • Pure Oxygen Molecules
  • Mustard Sprout Extract
  • Vitamin B5
  • Shea Butter
About Task Essential
Luxury men’s skincare expert Task Essential from Switzerland offers an innovative range of solutions to help men look their radiant best by:
  • Combining pure oxygen molecules with stem cellsmarine elementsvitamins, and extracts of plants & fruits to promote optimal skin health, fight aging, and increase collagen production
  • Incorporating Perfluorodecalin, already well used in biomedical applications, to imitate the functions of haemoglobin to deliver oxygen to the cells 

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