Bona Fide Matte Clay (4.0 oz )

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Bona Fide Matte Clay is a water-based clay that imparts a light hold with a smooth and matte finish. Infused with natural ingredients such as Kaolin Clay and Avocado Oil, the Bonda Fide Matte Clay strengthens and conditions your hair while maintaining your desired style all day. The Bona Fide Matte Clay is paraben-free. Rub a finger scoop of the Bonda Fide Matte Clay into the palm of your hands and work until it softens, then apply to towel dried or dry hair, making sure to work into the roots. 


  • Easy to style into whatever looks you desire
  • Maintain your desired style while conditioning your hair
  • A most flexible hair styling product for men
  • Fresh citrus scent
About Bona Fide Pomades
Bona Fide in Latin means "good faith" and this is the philosophy that guides all Bona Fide men's grooming products. From Bona Fide, you can expect American made hair products of the highest quality and consistency.  Whether its hair pomade, hair wax, hair paste, or hair spray, Bona Fide allow you to have fun with your hair , and to achieve whatever look and style you desire. Because nothing beats that little boost of confidence you get when someone compliments your hair and for me that’s what Bona Fide is all about.
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