Screaming O RingO Ritz Erection Ring XL Black

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Screaming O RingO Ritz Erection Ring XL is 20% larger than the regular Ritz Erection Ring for those more generously endowed. Crafted from ultra-soft, super-stretchy liquid silicone, allowing a firm yet comfortable grip with a soft, supple feel. The Screaming O RingO Ritz Erection Ring XL is phthalate and latex free. Liquid silicone is a premium material prized for its safety, strength, and unique silky texture, making it an ideal choice for your intimate pleasure. Easy to clean, the Screaming O RingO Ritz Erection Ring XL is the luxurious way of helping you produce a solid erection.


  • Made of premium liquid silicone
  • Super-stretchy reusable design
  • Phthalate and latex free
  • Easy to use

 About Screaming O

Screaming O is the award-winning adult product designer behind some of the most popular sex toys on the market, successfully enhancing romantic relationships since 2005. Screaming O products are easy-to-use, fun-to-try and made of materials consumers can trust at prices they can afford. What started out over a decade ago as a simple sex toy concept has become a way of life for people around the world to enjoy better, more satisfying sex while building intimacy and communication. Male-HQ brings you screaming towards your Orgasm with Screaming O.